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strapped SALTS 



Grape Soda Storm Nic Salt E-Liquid

Grape / Soda

Grape Soda Storm nic salt e-liquid by Strapped Soda Salts features a blend of dark fruit and soda for a sweet vape. The juicy taste of purple grapes are present from your first inhale, complemented by fizzy notes to finish.


Professor Pep Nic Salt E-Liquid

Cola / Spices / Soda

Professor Pep nic salt e-liquid by Strapped Soda Salts is a unique soda blend with notes of spice. A sweet and distinctive cola flavour makes up the base of this vape, sweetened further by a secret blend of spices and fizz.


Proper Punchy Nic Salt E-Liquid

Apple / Peach / Passionfruit, / Orange / Soda

Proper Punchy nic salt e-liquid by Strapped Soda Salts is a complex fruit blend with a tangy note. The crisp-tasting apple flavour is complemented by sweet peach and passionfruit. The sharper notes of orange and fizz balance the sweetness.


Super Rainbow Candy Nic Salt E-Liquid

Mixed Fruit / Candy

Super Rainbow Candy nicotine salt e-liquid by Strapped is a confectionary blend with a fruity twist. The sweet candy taste provides the base of the flavour with strong notes of mixed fruit for a balanced vape.


Totally Tropical Nic Salt E-Liquid

Pineapple / Grapefruit / Soda

Totally Tropical nic salt e-liquid by Strapped Soda Salts is a tangy beverage blend with an exotic theme. The sweet and sharp notes of the flavour come courtesy of pineapple and grapefruit - complemented by fizzy soda to finish.

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