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Mouth to Lung Vaping









MOUTH TO LUNG VAPING is the term used to describe the way 99% of people smoke a cigarette.

It involves drawing vapour into your mouth, then into your lungs. This allows you to be able to take in a higher nicotine liquid without a harsh burning of the throat along with coughing and choking.

We consider this as the best to replicate the smoking of a cigarette. This is a great way to vape while in the transition between smoking and vaping untill you have worked down to a low nicotine liquid. We recommend stepping down a nicotine strength every 3-4 weeks. Untill you reach a strength of 0.3mg. where then you may wish to move over to direct to lung vaping where you can experience more flavour and vapour production.




Direct to Lung Vaping




DIRECT TO LUNG is where vapour is inhaled straight down as if it were air. This is commonly referred to as Sub Ohm vaping / straight to lung or lung hitting and this is designed to replicate the smoking of shisha.

This is generally done by long term vapers that have worked their way down to a low level of nicotine or nicotine free liquids who just want flavour and the action of smoking.

This is rarely used with a nicotine content over 0.3mg. Making this a bad choice for new starters to begin with when nicotine is involved in higher levels as it allows you to in theory overdose on nicotine and would feel very unpleasant when inhaled.

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